The LovEarth Eco-solution is easily implemented at any location and setting;

  1. Uplift consumers’ dining experience
  2. Can be offered as part of in-room amenities
  3. Suitable for poolside enjoyment

Value-added concept


  1. Low fixed cost
  2. Increased time, space and sales
  3. Suitable for poolside enjoyment

Most importantly, playing a part in conserving waste.


Nano-Artesian® water is the finest living water. Using advanced water technology,  it is alkaline with pH 8.5, contains active electrolytes and nano-purified to  enhance your drinking experience.


Our signature taste profile is unique and highly acclaimed by world-renowned restaurants, hotels and resorts. We are confident in delivering a perfectly refreshing taste which differs from ordinary filtered water;

  1. Pristine
  2. Crystal clear
  3. Healthy